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VoIP Articles  > Traditional Telephone Company are Losing Market Share to VoIP Providers.

Traditional Telephone Company are Losing Market Share to VoIP Providers.

By Chris Landry


The two major traditional telephone (land-line) providers have experienced a decline in subscribers by close to 10% according to a USA Telecom, Wireless, and Broadband report based on their 2007 findings.


The report states that the publics migration to wireless and VoIP providers as the major reason why the likes of AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest have seen a dramatic decrease in landlines over the past year. All three have their hands in the wireless and VoIP cookie jar, so the financial impact is reduced because a lot of their customers are just transitioning to their wireless or VoIP solutions which in fact have larger profit margins. It is a win-win situation for both the consumer and traditional phone companies, unless the customer transitions to a VoIP solution provided by another company.


These findings are a demonstration of how the American public is becoming more frugal and mobile when it comes to their telecom needs. Cell phones provide the ultimate in mobile communications while VoIP offers the calling features everybody wants with a telephone plan including but not limited to unlimited long distance, CallerID, Call Waiting, etc. The American consumer is finally putting a stop to the excessive fees that the traditional telephone companies charge for extra features (in many cases up to $10 per feature/month) when the VoIP providers are including up to 25 enhanced telephone features for free.


It has been proven that consumers will save a bundle of money by transitioning away from the traditional telephone companies and switching to a VoIP provider. Once consumers are more and more comfortable with the VoIP technology and services, then they tend to start shopping around based on price. Some independent VoIP providers will charge less than $9 per month for unlimited long distance as well as the enhanced calling features.


Mobility and Costs are only some of the things to consider before choosing a VoIP solution.  In fact, there are many things to consider when choosing a VoIP provider. An educated consumer generally results in a satisfied consumer.  You can compare VoIP providers side-by-side at http://www.voipchoices.com/


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