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How to give your business the appearance of a local presence in many markets without the overhead of renting office space
By Chris Landry


Are you looking to expand your business into the next town, city, state, etc.?  Well, with the advent of VoIP, you can now create a local presence in almost any market by getting a VoIP Virtual Telephone number in any market of your choosing. By acquiring multiple VoIP Virtual Telephone numbers, it is possible for your business to appear as a local business in many different markets. Your business could pass out business cards with Houston, Atlanta, and New York satellite office numbers (Virtual numbers) for less than $5.00 per month each. Local clients can dial you without dialing long distance. And the best part of all is you get the local presence without all the expensive overhead.


How does a VoIP Virtual Telephone number work?  When you order VoIP service, generally you will get 1 telephone number along with unlimited local and long distance (Calls to any U.S. and Canadian telephone number are free) calling for around $20-$25 dollars a month.  You can choose to add on as many VoIP Virtual Telephone numbers in different markets as you wish for less than $5 each.  All of these Virtual Telephone numbers will ring your VoIP telephone  Let's say that your office is in Los Angeles where your primary VoIP telephone number has a 310 area code. You have a few clients in Chicago in the 732 area code. You can get a virtual phone number in area code 732 that rings to your 310 line. Now your clients don't have to pay long distance charges when they call you.


Sample Business Application

Suppose you're a Kite manufacturer based in San Francisco, California while your biggest customers are located in Miami FL; San Diego, Ca; and Chicago, IL. All you pay is the small monthly fee for the three different virtual phone numbers, each with an area code of the three different hubs of your business activity. Now, your customers never have to dial long distance to place an order and they feel you are right next door.

In addition to making it cheaper and easier for your callers to phone a virtual number in their same area code, even if you or your business reside thousands of miles away, virtual numbers can also enhance a small organization's ability to manage incoming calls.

The above are only a couple examples of how Virtual telephone numbers can help VoIP business customers.  The possibilities are endless.  You just need to get creative.

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