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Large business are trending toward the inevitable migration of their Traditional Business Telephone System to the more cost effective Business VoIP Phone System.  Large business customers require a voice solution that they can count on, because their voice communications are MISSION CRITICAL!!  VoIPChoices.com  has been able to locate only one proven provider that can provide all of the features that a large business requires in a corporate quality VoIP Phone System.   They can provide an easy to use, dependable, and award winning Nortel Business VoIP Phone System.


 Nortel VoIP has a 110-year track record of providing IP telephony solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity. Choose from VoIP and Enabled PBX systems tailored for businesses with as few as 5 or as many as 10,000 phone stations. If you’re looking to lower your monthly long distance or local spend, or simply want to better manage heavy voice and data traffic, Nortel has a solution. Are you adding a new office location? Tired of dealing with cumbersome moves, adds, and changes? Nortel can help. Request a free, no-obligation VoIP assessment.

Benefits of having a Business Grade VoIP Phone System:


1) Cost Savings:  Savings of  30%-60% off of traditional business telephone services. A business VoIP phone system will greatly reduce price per station and dramatically lower long distance and international calling rates.

2) Many Included Features:  Features you have come to expect from a business grade phone system.  A business VoIP phone system comes with numerous included features. Included features generally include Voicemail, Auto-Attendant, Call Routing, Call Waiting, CallerID, etc.

3) Ease of Use:  Simple to adjust for moves, adds, and changes. Limits the cost of your IT department.  Simply, a business VoIP phone system offers a better way to manage your voice and data traffic.

4) Flexibility:  Business VoIP phone systems are designed and built to be able to grow along with your business VoIP phone system needs.

Who is a candidate for a Business Grade VoIP Phone System?


1)      Businesses that have between 5-10,000 stations.

2)      Companies who are looking to lower their costs of local and long distance telephone services.

3)      Companies that would like to better manage their heavy voice and data traffic.

4)      Companies looking to increase productivity and customer service.




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