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VoIP Jobs


VoIP Jobs are being created everyday. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of the next “can’t miss” industry, VoIP jobs may just be right for you.  If you would like to sell residential and small business VoIP to the general public, Click Here for a couple of programs you could get started on without any investment.  If you are interested in starting your own sales channel for VoIP, please call Chris Landry at 949 480-9700 and he can walk you through setting up sales contracts with several different VoIP providers either through VoIP agent contracts or via VoIP affiliate programs.  If you are more technically oriented, the following are the types of jobs that are available and many more are sure to become available as well.


CareerBuilder.com has the most extensive list of current VoIP jobs available.


VoIP Jobs:


VoIP Soft-Switch Developer

VoIP Engineer

VoIP Pre-Sales Engineer

VoIP Account Manager

VoIP Architect

VoIP Tester

VoIP Technician

VoIP Consultant

VoIP Sales

Many, many more…


VoIP is going to be around to stay.  Getting into a VoIP job would give you invaluable experience in an ever-growing global market.



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