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Lingo Universal Phone Number

It's your choice... one or two ...US or International phone numbers!

Lingo's Universal Numbers allow you to choose a phone number in your own area code, in another state or even another country!   Plus, you can have not just one, but two phone numbers. This means that with Lingo you can have a local number for people in your area, and another number for friends, family or business associates in another part of the state, a different state or even a different country.

In the United States you can select any area code from over 220 different area codes, no matter where you live. When friends and family from that area call you, they'll only pay local rates. Or add a second number for children, tenants or your home office. Each Universal Number can have a distinctive ring tone so you'll always know the difference.

Do you have family, friends or business associates in another country? Imagine having a number that allows them to call you and only pay local rates!  The Lingo service offers phone numbers in 15 countries and we are adding new countries all the time.

Additional charges apply for the second Lingo Universal number and for numbers outside the US. See plan information for details.

Lingo Universal Numbers are currently available in these countries:







·Hong Kong




·Puerto Rico

·South Korea


·United States (except Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa and Maine)

·United Kingdom

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