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VoIP and Toll Free Numbers

Of all of the VoIP carriers that VoIPChoices.com recommends, only one carrier offers VoIP Toll-Free service. All carriers will allow you to make calls to Toll-Free numbers for free, but Vonage is the only carrier to provide an individual or business with a Toll-Free number for your friends, family, or prospective customers to call. There is no charge for someone calling the Toll-Free number because the charge of the call is paid for by the Toll-Free number subscriber (you). Vonage can provide you a Toll-Free number (or you may switch your existing Toll-Free Number to Vonage) for $4.99 per month which includes 100 free minutes of incoming calls over that Toll-Free number. Additional minutes are charged at 4.9 cents per minute.

However, VoIPChoices.com does not recommend that you choose Vonage when you are considering getting a VoIP Toll-Free number. 4.9 cents a minute for a toll free number is a little high. You can obtain a Stand Alone toll free number (meaning you don't have to switch your long distance carrier) and have the Toll-Free number route the call to your VoIP telephone number for 4.5 cents per minute with no monthly fee with a company called PowerNet Global . PowerNet Global will also let you change the “ring to” number as often as you would like by calling the customer service Toll-Free number given below.

Toll-Free numbers can be very useful for gathering new customers and letting current customers call you free of charge. Another growing market for Toll-Free numbers is college students. Parents of college students can obtain a Toll-Free number and allow their children to call them from anywhere without charge while the parents are paying only 4.5 cents per minute with no monthly fees. It is our opinion at VoIPChoices.com, that all parents with children of any age should have a Toll-Free number for safety reasons so their children can call them from anywhere, even if they don’t have any money.


How to order a Toll-Free number

  • Call in your order at  866-706-0007A sales staff member will answer the phone to take your order. Ask for a “Stand Alone Toll-Free” number and give identification number 0037191
  • 5 working days later, you will receive your new toll free number via email.
  • Give your new toll free number to your friends and family!


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