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Packet8 VoIP Service - $19.95 per month


  • Voice Mail
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • 3 way Conferencing
  • Call Waiting Caller ID
  • Unlimited Talk Time
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Online Management
  • Unlimited calling plans for the US, Canada, Europe and Asia
  • Free- Shipping on all orders in the United States
  • Click Here for International Shipping Rates
  • Price - $19.95 per month

Packet8 Requirments

  • Broadband or dial-up Internet connection-minimum 56K modem
    • Broadband includes: DSL/Cable, Ethernet LAN, WiFi, T-1 or T-3 lines
    • Broadband is required to use Packet8 adapters that convert your existing phones.
  • Major credit card - Visa, MasterCard or American Express

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Packet8 VoIP telephone service has far and away the least expensive unlimited calling plan. By charging only $19.95 per month they are quite a bit lower than Vonage at $24.99. Packet8 has the lowest startup fees of all the providers listed at VoIPChoices.com. They also have a World Class customer service department and technical support team. While Packet8 does not have all of the features that many of the other VoIP providers offer, it is still a favorite among customers who make a lot of calls and are looking to save money on their communications expenses.

To find out more about Packet8 or to order service through Packet8 Click Here

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