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The following VoIP article is an easy read for VoIP beginners who are just getting their feet wet in the VoIP marketplace. There is some history, advantages, and disadvantages of a VoIP solution discussed in this article.  The time for VoIP is here and now. 

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Is VoIP Finally Worth a Second Look

Billions of telecom customers are saving billions of dollars each year by switching (or supplementing) their traditional telephone service with voice over IP (VoIP) telephones.

Utilizing VoIP to send voice calls is not new. Long distance carriers have used VoIP to carry calls on their private lines for many years. Private pulblic groups have used their Internet and computers to communicate with other computers for a several years, but previously, users of such VoIP have struggled with substandard calls and the need for both computer to be connected to an Internet connection.

The addition of a broadband Internet service in most homes in the past several years spurred massive growth of home VoIP

Most home VoIP service providers allow for all-inclusive calling plans that allow the subscriber to make unlimited local, regional and telephone long distance calling for a monthly fee usually starting as low as $8.57 per month. Some offer per-call plans at a lower monthly fee while providing cheap per minute pricing on international calls. Additionally, Voice over internet service providers include a wide array of enhanced calling features such as call-forwarding, caller ID, and voicemail that regular telephone companies sell for a large fee every month.

When you register for a residential VoIP service, many VoIP service providers offer direct in-dial service and allow you to choose a local or non local telephone number. You may choose to select a phone number from any area where the VoIP provider offers local telephone service.

So what are the Negatives of a residential VoIP solution? The main negative is that must also pay for high-speed Internet connection. A VoIP line will not work over a dial up internet connection.

Power outages are another obsticle. Since a VoIP line an Internet connection, losing power also means the loss of your telephone service.



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