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Most people say that a VoIP solution sounds like a great deal, but is it good for my home?  The following is an informative article for potential residential customers to read before selecting a VoIP provider.

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What Is VoIP, Is VoIP Good For The Home?

There is little doubt that you have heard about Voice over IP by now. VoIP has been plastered everywhere both in TV, magazines, and online ads. If you are not familiar with VoIP yet, Voice over Internet Protocol is, in its most basic sense, the ability to place telephone calls over your existing Internet connection.

With VoIP, the promise is the ability to make local and global long distance calls at a significantly lower rate than over a plain old telephone line through your local carrier. The VoIP trend has caught on and large enterprises all over the globe are adopting this new technology to reduce their cost of business communications which may include VoIP faxing, conference calling, along with streaming video applications. VoIP has been around for a long time, but it has only been until recently that it has finally evolved to the point of replacing everybody's everyday phone use.

At the VoIP home level, you may be coonsidering to adopt VoIP somewhat, but you may not be confident on ifVoIP has any benefits for you and your family. You are probably asking, “How much does VoIP cost? How difficultis VoIP to use? Is VoIP really necessary?” This article hopefully will clear up a few VoIP questions you may have in regards to VoIP and maybe even give you the confidence to go out and get VoIP in your home yourself.

First of all, you must have a high-speed Internet connection. No, not a 56k dial up connection, but a quality high speed Internet connection. This can be cable, satellite, or DSL Internet, but you will require high-speed Internet for your VoIP telephone to function properly and become your new telephone of the future. A dialup internet connection just doesn’t have the capacity or speed to transfer voice digitally without significant voice packet loss.

Secondly you will need what is called a ATA. The ATA is agateway that is connected between your VoIP telephone and an Ethernet modem. The VoIP gateway is where your telephone line will be plugged into.

ATAs are specially designated for VoIP telephones but adapters are available for current phones should you not want to purchase new telephone. VoIP providers usually offer the ATAs for sale so you are not required to shop around for an ATA yourself.


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