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VoIP Articles  > Why VoIP is not going to Fail

 Is VoIP here to stay?   The telephone companies are in trouble and they know it. To get on board and find out more information on VoIP and compare top VoIP providers, go to: VoIPChoices.com


Why VoIP is not Going to Fail

Voice over IP has been talked about almost on a daily basis in the USA. Voice over Internet/IP is technically a technology that has been around for a long time and is now returning with a new way of being packaged. Technically, we've been using Voice over IP for many years, just like the Internet community email was used for many years prior to it being accepted by the corporate and residential groups in the mid-1990s. You can call it VoIP or Voice over Internet protocol, VoIP is only a technology of receiving voices via input with a microphone device, digitizing said voice, compressing the voice into tiny digital packets, sending the packets over an existing Internet to a destination, putting the packets back together at the other end. And there you have it, you have VoIP.

Does VoIP sound simple? That is exactly what the telephone long distance companies do not want you to understand. It is so very simple, bunch of amatuers collectively put together some code, named it SKYPE and with in 5 years have over 200 million users. And guess what? VoIP WORKS! I can tell you, AT&T or Verizon wishes they had a market that large.

Now, much like the most of the websites on the net, the end-user are creating the future of VoIP in their home offices, not at the Google headquarters.

Get this... Whatever lobbying telephone companies may attempt in trying to prevent VoIP applications through use of tactics such as E911 calling compliance, taxes, federal regulations, etc., there is no real way for regulators to completely regulate Voice over Internet Protocol. The only way for the traditional telephone companies and the regulators to completely regulate voice over the internet they may have to shut down the Internet all together. Programmers are very determined folks and will always find a way of getting around any blocks that be put in place by regulators. How can I be so bold as to make that statement?

Consider the history of email. Many email administrators from around the globe initially attempted to regulate email usage within the borders of their countries.

The result? The programming community got resourceful and bypassed their regulators roadblocks by using web based emails such as Hotmail and Yahoo. This type of resourcefulness will soon aslo be the case with Voice over IP.



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