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VoIP Articles Can VOIP Calling Save You Money on Your Phone Bill?



This is a simple article that points out that VoIP can save you money, but only for the right users. Some users with little to no telephone calls may not benefit from securing a VoIP telephone line. In 20 years from now, there may not be a choice between a VoIP line and a land line because all of the land lines may be gone by then.

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Can VOIP Calling Save You Money on Your Phone Bill?

As high speed or broadband Internet connection are the norm in houses throughout the United States. US Citizens are asking, can a VoIP provider save me money on my current telephone bill? To answer this important question, one needs to all the expenses related to switching to a US VoIP provider.

First things first, one should know is how a VoIP call occurs. When you make a call using VoIP, the VoIP provider converts your voice that you speak into the telephone handset into a small digital VoIP Packets and and then they get sent over the internet. This packets are descrambled back into a voice sound and it is received by an earpeice or telephone on the other end of the VoIP call. By sending the digital packets over the Internet, it doesn’t matter how big of a distance the call goes, a VoIP call across town has the same expense as a VoIp call across the World. As a rule of thumb, a VoIP provider should be considered by people who have monthly telephone long distance bills that are over $15, VOIP calling may be able to save a significant amount on your long distance telephone bill.

When considering switching to a VoIP service provider, you need to have some sort of idea of how much you call on a monthly basis. You can do this by looking at your traditiona telephone bill for the past 2-3 months to determine how many long distance minutes you are using. If you are using less than 600 min. a month, then you may determine that VoIP calling plans that are probably much less than your monthly phone bill. If you are making more than 600 minutes of long distance calls per month, you’ll likely benefit from an unlimited VoIP calling plan.

Another thing to think about is the length of the VoIP service contract. Most VoIP companies offer a month to month contract, but offer a yearly contract to save on the monthly expenses. Many VoIP providers now offer two-year contracts at a deaply discounted rate. While a two-year VoIP provider contract is attractive from a price outlook, locking yourself into one provider for 24 months is something you may not want to rush into. Typically a one-year VoIP provider service contract usually allows the best balance between time commitment and price.


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