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VoIP Industry Answers the Call of the People

By Chris Landry



There is a huge population of Americans who have been calling for increased competition when it comes to local telephone service. There are many people who absolutely hate dealing with the ILEC (incumbent local exchange carrier) due to expensive service, incorrect billing, rude/unprofessional customer service, or a sub par quality of service. As of April, 2008, the VoIP industry now boasts over 4 million American paying customers for services that directly compete with the ILECs.


Vonage Voice over IP boasts the most customers.  By my calculations they will have surpassed the 3,000,000 customer customer sign-ups by December 2008.  The next closest competitor is Cablevision (a Cable TV/Internet provider).   They have had approximately 1,000,000 subscribers and are adding roughly 6500 customers per week.  The third largest Voice over IP provider is Time Warner (also a Cable TV/Internet provider).  Time Warner VoIP currently has 700,000 VoIP subscribers on their network.  No other provider has over 500,000 Voice over IP customers.  The fourth largest player, Packet8 (8x8) is a little ways back with roughly 455,000 paying VoIP customers.


Many Cable providers are jumping into the VoIP space as well as many traditional telephone companies are embracing the emerging VoIP technology as a viable option.  In fact, in 2007, roughly 65 percent of all traditional long distance telephone calls are at some point routed over a VoIP network to reduce costs.  AT&T and Verizon have already entered the VoIP space, but do not have very good results to date.  AT&T spent millions on advertising their AT&T CallVantage but at the end of 2004 they have managed to only garner 53,000 customers.  In fact, AT&T has backed off of its goal to acquire 1 million customers by the end of 2005.  SBC (in the process of buying AT&T for $16 billion) has expressed interest in expanding the customer base of CallVantage as soon as the purchase was completed, but obviously, that did not happen.


There are many, smaller independent Voice over IP providers that are making headway.  Only time will tell to see who survives and who goes belly-up. In the VoIP industry, there is very little overhead once the network is set up.  The VoIP industry has incorporated a pre-payment billing system that also cuts down on the VoIP company’s bad debt or deadbeat customers. This will benefit the end users (customers) in the long run. 


Voice over IP Customers will enjoy lower prices, better service, real time access to their account, and the satisfaction of never having to deal with the ILECs again.

All of the VoIP providers mentioned above offer an unlimited VoIP calling plan that costs at least $22 per month. 


 VoIPChoices.com has done extensive research and recommends at least 3 smaller Voice over IP providers that offer an unlimited VoIP plan for less than $25 per month.  Each provider is compared side-by-side by features as well as the price. Click here  to view online VoIP comparisons. Generally, an informed consumer ends up a happy consumer. 



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