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The article below tackles the pros and cons of why you should try a VoIP telephone solution in your home if you havenít done so already. It is easy to set up and almost all of the VoIP Telephone providers provide a free trial period.

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Pros And Cons of VoIP Business Providers

If you run a business, then you have a business telephone system that you are responsible for. If you want to save money, you are in the market for a for a hosted VoIP solution.

It is inevitable that VoIP is going to replace your traditional business phone service in the very near future if it hasn't already. It is more of a question of When? not If?

Hosted VoIP is quickly becoming more and more dependable and starting be become more and more accepted in the business world. In fact, many traditional telephone companies already are utilizing the Hosted VoIP technology to provide cheaper telephone long distance rates. Like any growing technology, some of the bugs still need to be worked out.

Hosted VoIP Provider Advantages

Hosted VOIP has many advantages versus the old telephone providers. The biggest advantage is how much less expensive it is. Hosted VoIP customers can expect a telephone bill savings of around 60%

You may register with a Hosted VOIP service provider for a small monthly cos and get unlimited Hosted VoIP calls within a specified area for free. The calls would be included in the discounted monthly rate.

Phone-to-phone Hosted VOIP is also portable. IP telephones are small and light enough to take with you anywhere in the world. When you register with a Hosted VOIP service provider, the Internet phone or VoIP adaptor used by that VoIP provider is designated with a unique account. This 'phone number' remains valid, even if your VOIP service is in San Fransisco and you're connected via a broadband connection in France. When plugged into a high-speed Internet connection, you can receive and make VoIp calls as though you were in your office.

Included enhanced features like , voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting and 3 way-calling, are included with Hosted VoiP telephone.. You can send pictures and documents and talk on your Hosted VoIP telephone, all at the same time.

Hosted VoIP Disadvantages

There are a couple of disadvantages with VoIP's acceptance by the business community. An interuption of VoIP service during power disruptions (easily rectified with a proper electical backup solution) and 911 calling are the 2 biggest hurdles.

Traditional telephone service will still work during a blackout by the electricity supplied through the actual telephone wire during. This isn't always possible with Hosted VoIP telephone providers. When the power goes out, so does your Hosted VOIP service. Battery backups and power generators that provide electricity are solutions to this delema as these backup systems can be paid for by the savings from the VoIP telephone bill.

A large concern for many potential Hosted VoIP customers is emergency or E-911 calls. For the most part, Hosted VoIP services aren't really too reliable during emergency situations. Traditional telephone equipment can locate the origin of telephone calls. E-911 calls are routed to the nearest VoIP E-911 dispatch center where the E-911 operator can easlily locate you even if you are not speaking. With Hosted VoIP, you must pre-register your address with the VoIP company so when you do dial 911. This can be confusing if you are using a portable VoIP solution as they will think you are at the registered address even though you may be in France.

Hosted VOIP also has been working on its reliability and quality problems. Little VoIP data packets moving through the Internet sometimes makes it at its destination put back together in a different order.

The Distance and the Speed in which the VoIP digital packets are carred at over the wholesale VoIP providers can affect the amount of lost data. The best wholesale VoIP providers often receive more traffic and thus are more likely to be responsible for voice misfires. One way to ensure top notch quality audio connections is to dedicate certain connections for just voice data paths.

With the huge investments of research dedicated to Hosted VoIP, all of these drawbacks will be rectified withinin the next 4 years. It is generally consenced that by then hosted VoIP will have global business consumer acceptance.


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