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This is an excellent article discussing the plight of small businesses and their telephone systems. Thanks to the advent of VoIP, small businesses cannot appear to be much larger when it comes to their telephone systems.  Small business VoIP can now have voicemail, call forwarding, on-hold music, hunt groups, and many of the other features that were in the past reserved for the much larger companies, but VoIP has changed all of that.  You can compare the top VoIP providers side-by-side at VoIPChoices.com

Virtual Call Centers are growing in number everyday for the small and medium sized businesses. With telecommuting becoming more mainstream, companies are finding that a Virtual Call Center is a great way for the company to save money while giving their employees the ability to work from a remote location making the employee happier while saving money for the companies bottom line.
Business start-ups, small growing businesses, as well as home-based businesses are typically ignored by the telephone provider industry. But there are small business phone systems that work, if you know all your options.

Small Business Telephone systems have grown over the last decade or so. However, very small businesses have not been catered to. Now with VoIP on the rise, the space between what a small business wants and needs and what the telephone companies are offering is only becoming wider.

While technology advances have introduced amazing new small business VoIP enhanced user features and dramatically cheaper pricing for most small business office VoIP equipment, the full-featured telephone VoIP systems have stayed mostly out of the economic reach for small companies. You can afford a blazing fast desktop computer now for a mere fraction of what it used to cost just a few short years ago, but the sticky prices of small business phone systems have not come down in price over the same time period. Many small businesses are required to slap together small business phone solutions with a couple of multi-line business phones, antiquated mechanical answering machines and expensive monthly small business telephone company services.

High-end business telephone systems are much more useful, offering enhance VoIP calling features such as; call messaging and call routing that can improve a company’s professional image, control communication costs and increase connectivity and responsiveness.

It is common knowledge that small businesses is the catalyst of U.S. economy and are responsible for the financial well-being of this country today. With a mobile and technically savy employee base and an unwillingness to pay staff to answer the telephones, small businesses require an advanced telephone VoIP systems just as much as the largers businesses do as well.

Why is this the case? The answer lies in the "scale"; small businesses are too small to need the big traditional telephone systems, and the small business telephone solutions that the telecom industry as made available so far still are priced beyond the reach what the small businesses can afford. Big business telephone systems simply do not fit for the very small businss, and the less people using the phone, the less sense it makes.

Finding a VoIP Telephone Systems that Cater Small Businesses

There is some good news, though. A select few VoIP telephone providers have cine to realize that the small business community need more options and scalability, and they’ve been making small business telephone systems that make small businesses can use. There are great telephone systems, only if you have the knowledge to know what to look for. The smarter business telephone makers of small business phone systems now have all of the enhanced calling features of their larger counterparts without the large business telephone price tags.

When shopping for small business VoIP telephone system, look for the ones that are easy to install and make sure you can configure it on your own. Setting up of a VoIP small business phone system can get very costly and one can save a lot of money by doing some of the configuring yourself. The best new small business VoIP telephone systems easily allow the business to self configure and save.

Expandability is crucial too. Make sure that the system you buy today can grow to accommodate the changes in your company tomorrow. And the changes in the industry — with the emergence of Voice over IP technology and new advanced Internet telephony services, your phone system needs to be ready to connect to the IP network while maintaining your connections to the traditional telephone network. Look for hybrid systems that are built with SIP standards to ensure compatibility and avoid obsolescence.


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