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A Look at Internet Voice Technology (VoIP) for Residential

Today's Technology

Over the past several years, VoIP technology has made remarkable stides. IP Telephone’s advanced VoIP data-compression-rate, superior quality, and the wide spread reach of residential high speed Internet has allowed constomers less expensive solutions with a wide variety of features than we might ever previously enjoyed. Today, many VoIP providers are providing free equipment along with competetive price points that will lower telephone bills by up to 60% or possibly more.

How Does VoIP Work

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP, uses an existing high speed internet connection to initiate and terminate phone calls as opposed to the use of your regular phone line. It works by converting your telephone calls into little data packets and transmits the packets over an existing High-Speed Internet connection, like email, and is terminated to a traditional telephone call.

What's the advantage of VoIP? BY utilizing your High Speed Internet connection as opposed to your traditional telephone line is more cost effective. You can place VoIp Calls to anywhere in the world, anytime of day for less money while still getting traditional telephone features like Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-way Calling, and Caller ID.

One very common misnomer about Voice over IP is that it utilizes a lot of bandwidth, when, the fact is, VoIP data is a compressed type of traffic. Each VoIP call uses 14 Kbps of bandwidth. Most high-speed Internet connections fluctuates from 1-40 Mbps. The 14 Kbps is insignificant and you will not notice a slow down of your internet connection while making a VoIP Call.

The VoIP Disadvantages

If you're considering VoIP to replace your regular phone service, there are several things you should consider when shopping the different VoIP providers.

Most VoIP provider services will not work during power outages unless you take precautions to provide yourself some backup power. Since VoIP is run over a high speed connection, it relies on a router which is powered by electricity unlike a traditional telepheon line. Additional steps for setting up, VoIp 911 Calls where you will need to pre-register a physical address for so emergency services would know where to respond to in the case of an emergency.

VoIP Features

Different VoIP providers offer optional VoIP packages to be customized to your specific calling and telephone needs. Actual utilization, preferred calling features, and future expansion needs will be the deciding factors when selecting a VoIP package.

It is a virtual guarantee that you will spend less on calls with VoIP. The monthly telephone service itself generally cheaper than your traditional telephone company's monthly fees, the included enhanced features you get with VoIP are much more flexible and useful and are offered as included features. Features like:

Caller ID providers.

Voice Mail – Generally web based voicemail which allows for emailing and easy saving of emails.

Call forwarding – Forward your voip calls to your cell phone, office telephone, or any other number for that matter.

Portability – You have the ability to take your phone adapter anywherein the world, use your same VoIP telephone number, and call for free anywhere in the United States and Canada

SoftPhone – this application is a VoIP software program and can be installed on any PC and will work the same way as any VoIP telephone

Call Transfer
3-way conferencing Call return

A Digital Phone Adapter – These are also commonly referenced as VoIP telephone adapters, are given free of charge by your VoIP provider.

A Telephone – . A traditional Telephone will do.

A VoIP Service provider – There are several available. Here are a few you might want to check out:

  1. Vonage
  2. Lingo
  3. Voip.com
  4. PhonePower’s
  5. ViaTalk’s


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