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VoIP Articles  > Is My Home Ready for Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony?

The article below states several reasons why you should try a VoIP telephone solution in your home if you havenít done so already. It is easy to set up and almost all of the VoIP Telephone providers provide a free trial period.

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Is My Home Ready for Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony?

Is My Home Ready for VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has been affecting millions of normal houses by saving large sums of money in telephone costs. Growing stronger everyday in the corporate world, VoIP, sometimes called Internet Protocol Telephony, Broadband telephony, or INET phone, utilizes a computer's high speed internet connection - not normal telephone lines - to make intra-state, local, inter-state or long distance telephone VoIP calls.

The best VoIP converts the callers voice into little data packets so it can transmit them over the internet (much cheaper than phone lines) and when it reaches its destination, it converts the little data packets back into a voice sound so it can be heard by any phone in the world. It is very similar to the way email is transmitted.

VoIP Costs less than traditional telephones, and they are just as easy to use. You just plug your normal everyday telephone into the VoIP router instead of the telephone wall jack. --

VoIP Popularity is Rising

VoIP State-to-state and VoIP international telepehone calls, while they are expensive on a traditional telephone, can be made for much cheaper prices while utilizing a VoIP provider. More and more home and busieness users are opting for VoIP in order to save money on there calling cost.

But, to work well, UK VoIP needs a good bandwidth connection, such as broadband cable or DSL. Freely accessible nowadays -- 70,000,000f Americans subscribe to a broadband connection through their telephone or cable subscribers, and the numbers are going up each day -- some project an estimated 65% of Americans will utilize VoIP in the next 3-5 years.

The Ups and Downs of VoIP

To use VoIP, you are required to have a broadband connection (either cable broadband or DSL broadband), a normal telephone, and a VoIP router to get your calls on to the broadband Internet connection.. And, you'll also need the services of a VoIP service provider, such as ViaTalk or PhonePower.

Your VoIP call connects to your VoIP service provider that you have chosen, and then they will route the VoIP telephone call directly to the telephone number that you dialed, changing the call data packet into a ordinary phone call before connecting to the final telephone number dialed.



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