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Which Residential VoIP Provider is the Best ?

By Chris Landry


As the Owner and Founder of http://www.VoIPChoices.com, many people have asked me “Which VoIP Provider is the best VoIP Provider?”  I will give my opinion on which VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Provider is the best for replacing your standard traditional telephone service


First there are many factors to consider when determining which VoIP Provider is the best.  I must take into consideration the ease of sign-up on the VoIP provider’s website, start-up/activation/shipping costs, monthly fees, quality of phone calls, features included with the service, quality of customer service, ease of set up, money back guarantees, and termination fees/penalties.  When I take all of above into consideration, I come up with the following list of the best VoIP providers starting with the best.


The Best VoIP Provider Rankings:


1) ViaTalk -  ViaTalk is the least expensive of all of the services to date.  Their quality of the calls is second to none and the customer service is extrodinary.  ViaTalk gets our number one position as the best VoIP provider.


2) PhonePower VoIP -  PhonePower Voip is everything you ever dreamed about in a VoIP provider.  PhonePower offers one of the lowest monthly fees.  From their lowest start-up costs, low monthly fees, to their excellent call quality, to the included enhanced features and excellent customer service makes PhonePower Voip a great choices.


3) Vonage VoIP -  Vonage has the most experience in the VoIP space boasting more than 2,400,000 customers as of November 2011.  Vonage is a little more expensive than some of the other providers but have the brand name recognition many people are looking for these days.  Vonage’s call quality is excellent as is their customer service.  Taking everything into consideration, Vonage ranks a very close second on our list for the best VoIP providers. 


Rounding out the top 5 is:


4) Lingo VoIP  – Lingo is also a very respectable VoIP provider.  They offer an affordable monthly plan for unlimited VoIP calling not only to the United States and Canada VoIP, but to the UK VoIPand Australia VoIP  Lingo’s start-up costs are a little higher than ViaTalk and Vonage, but in certain instances, I am sure a customer can justify this small additional expense.


5) VoIP.com-  Great service at a great price.  One of the easiest sign-up pages.  Great enhanced telephone features included. Unlimited local and long distance calling for a very affordable VoIP price per month.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a VoIP provider that is best for you or your business.  http://www.VoIPChoices.com has a side-by-side comparison of the top VoIP provider by Unlimited VoIP price as well as VoIP features.  VoIP providers offer something different for all their consumers.  A well-educated consumer is generally results in a happy consumer.


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