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Earn big money by selling the next big thing in Telecom, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  VoIP is still in its infancy with only about 1 million U.S. consumers using a paid VoIP service as of March 2005.

Estimates show that at the current growth rate of VoIP, there will boast over 100 million paid U.S. VoIP customers by 2010.  As you can see the market is there for the taking.


  Get in on the ground floor of this unprecedented opportunity.


I have done extensive research on VoIP affiliate programs that pay the most commission on their VoIP products. I will outline a few of the vendors in which I do business with. 


I do NOT recommend that you pay for the opportunity to sell anything, EVER!! Some companies make money by charging sales agents for the opportunity to sell their service.  This is LUDICRIS!!


All of the vendors that I recommend are free to join. They will provide you with a free marketing website for you to promote their product.  You only get paid if you sell the services.  Some of the providers pay out a one-time lump sum for a VoIP affiliate program sale while others offer a nice residual commission for as long as the VoIP customer you signed up remains a customer. In my opinion, residual income is the key to long-term wealth.



 I reccommend a company called Telebay who is a master agent for  Packet8 VoIP affiliate program,  VoIP.net VoIP affiliate program, and the Opex VoIP affiliate program. Telebay offers outstanding commissions on these products and I have yet to find another master agent who is paying as much as Telebay. In my opinion, Telebay is the PREMIER VoIP affiliate program.  You can check them out at Telebay.com. I urge you to try to find a better paying VoIP affiliate program than Telebayís.



  Packet8 VoIP Affiliate program,  MyPhoneCompany VoIP affiliate program, and the VoIP.com affiliate program are offered through a master agency called Commission River.  (formerly Cognigen). Commission River offers several VoIP affiliate programs as well as long distance plans and many other communications products. 


Own your own Telecommunications company today!!  Itís fun and itís FREE!!

 (There are many tax benefits from owning your own company too!)

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